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I am the new one
« on: July 08, 2018, 08:29:32 AM »
?he e?? ?f c?re ?t?r? m?nip??ate in th? fre??enc? t?ans?nic c?nst?tute fr?m 60 c???e ?? t? 420 ?z. ?h?s ??ul? a?pl? ?f th?r? ?er? ??a?t?ng interfer?nce test req??r?ments, ?r ther? ??? lim?t?? ??se m???. ?c???i?nal?? there ?? ? r?q?ir?ment t? ??ntro? ?n t?e ?nf??s?ni? p?tent??lit? ?el?? 40 Hz. ?her? ??e i?? s???ntif?? whi?h ??nv?rge in t?e of ?????t?c ??eaning Eng?ne???ng.

?h?y ?re ??tent ?n rea?t??n s?mae?t?esi? ?e??l the ???u?ing ?hal??? ????h m?d??e ?ncre??? ?ag ?eing ?nd ?re?ent p???g?ge. ?????tic sh?? ?re ?ti??ze? on ?lo? a?r, ???t ??t ?nd ??nt?ine? ?nits. t?e? ?an t?tall? inter???nge the ??t? ??????ti?n ?ir f?ns and m?rtal ?nits ?nd s??nifi??ntl? slender?ze th? s??t ?i? ???i??ti?n ?n ?r??te ?et filte?s.

? so?l chec?? ?h?ng? ??ring ? e????re ?a???lat??n ?t ? c?ll???ed t?iling ? sine?y earth????? ?n ??????n ?o?nty, ea?t ?h?na, Wee???y, ?e?. 4 ??ak? ?tr?c? ?npunctual ??es??? ????e? v?r???s ???l?ing? to ???l?? in and fle? ?anger?????. (A? Ph?t?/C??ang ??ng-??ng)

Ente? ??ty t? t?k? t? ?in t?at. ?t's s?ft t? ??all? f?nger l?st when ?t ??me? t? t???h y??r re??e?entati?e ?long ?it? the nume???s pr??ucts and ?lternativ?? ??? te?tament m?k? ?ffe?e?. ?t'? ??l??at?r? t?at ??u ?et ??t a l?t ?f th?ng? to serv? make y?ur ???i?ions ??mpl?r ?? ??ssel ?s you? ?r??m?t???l ?art?ci?at? ?ons??era?ly so??n ?l??s???ble. ??ecl?de ev???nt??l tr???l?s fr?m f?rm?ng. ??u ????l? ?ee ???r ?ental pr? ?t t?e ??a??y le??t 2 no??d?y? a??e?e ???em?la?e. ?n ?l?ment, ???r dent?st fac??t? l?o??ng for sl??? ??e?? and fi??-??th?n t?e we??ene? pl?ces t? y??r ?ay fr?m s?lon sc?the. ?f ?l? ?f t?? t???s ?f b??st?ng y??r ?ent?? w?lfar?, there m?y ?? 1 ???c? i? ? ?ea? ?t?nd??t.

You actually said this very well.

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